The Benefits And Downsides Of A Tucson Neighborhood HOA

Homeowner Associations (HOAs) are becoming more common in neighborhoods across the
United States.  A Tucson neighborhood HOA strives to keep their communities neat and uniform to keep property values
from falling.


Living in an HOA-controlled neighborhood has its benefits, but there can also be downsides.
Before purchasing a home in an HOA community, it’s a good idea to look over their rules and by-laws to see if it fits your lifestyle.

Tucson Neighborhood HOA Lawn Restrictions

Most HOAs have strict rules when it comes to front yards. These regulations typically cover
everything from yard decorations to the length of the grass. Allowing weeds to take over the
lawn or a planter is also covered in the HOA bylaws.


The primary reason HOAs keep a close watch over neighborhood lawns is to protect property
values. Houses in well-kept communities tend to garner a higher asking price.


Ensuring yards are neat has its advantages. Along with potentially boosting property values,
crime stats are usually lower in well-cared-for neighborhoods. The downside is the amount of
time and effort you spend on your yard. Failure to comply with HOA regulations typically results
in expensive fines.

Limited Paint Choices

Having a limited selection of paint colors isn’t a big deal for most homeowners.


HOAs typically have strict rules when it comes to painting your house. It even applies to the color of your
garage and front door.


Since most homeowners aren’t planning on painting their house purple, this HOA bylaw rarely affects anyone in the neighborhood. However, it does help ensure the community looks its best.


Noise Regulations

You and your neighbors probably appreciate regulations regarding loud noises. It helps ensure
no one is running a chainsaw at six in the morning. It also limits how late backyard parties go
on. After all, most homeowners don’t want to listen to their neighbor’s garage band when they
are trying to sleep.


There is a potential downside to a Tucson neighborhood HOA noise ordinance. It can also apply to noise coming
from inside your house. If your projector-based home cinema is set on 10, your neighbors may
complain about the noise. From there, you can expect a warning from your HOA and possibly a
steep fine.

Fees and Potential Fines

HOAs come with fees and it’s not something homeowners can typically opt out of paying. One
of the few exceptions is if the HOA is formed after your purchase the home. A grandfather
clause may apply, allowing you to decide if you want to be part of the HOA.


Your HOA fees are typically due once a year, but some charge residents monthly or quarterly.
The money goes towards neighborhood improvement projects and upkeep. Failing to pay the
fees often results in litigation. In some cases, the HOA can take possession of your house. The
amount the HOA charges varies by neighborhood. It is something to consider before closing on
the house. Your HOA fees may make a property more expensive than you are willing to pay.


Fines levied against homeowners by a Tucson neighborhood HOA can vary according to the offense.  They also vary based on which HOA you're dealing with here in Tucson. Most HOAs will send a warning letter before applying any fines. It’s a good idea to correct the issue before the warning turns into a costly penalty.

Final Thoughts


Everyone's situation is distinct. To make the very best choice for you, partner with a realty advisor to explore your options.


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