Current Home Renovations You’ll Want To Consider Before You Sell A Home in Marana, AZ

Renovation and remodeling trends change almost every year. When you're looking to sell a home in Marana, AZ or anywhere really.  Sure, some may stick around and stand the test of time, but some are gone faster than you can reiterate the word ‘remodel.’


That’s why we decided to check out what’s in for renovating and remodeling. What we came up with may help you in your home. So while you have the chance, take a look and ponder what changes you might want to implement to help you sell your Marana home.

Work on those outdoor areas.

Remodeling an outdoor deck or patio area is easy nowadays, all you have to do is make it look like your living room! Just keep in mind that the stuff you put outside should be more weather resistant than the stuff you put inside. Think about purchasing a more durable product or finish for outdoor furniture.


So what does an outdoor living room look like? Look at purchasing comfy chairs and couches, practical outdoor dining tables and side tables, and variations of large umbrellas to protect you from the sun. Adding a fireplace to cozy up near or a television for entertainment is a good idea, too.

Consider swapping paint for bold wallpaper

The 1970’s are making their way back around and wallpaper is at the front of the rush. You don’t have to go all out, but most designers are suggesting at least one accent wall be wallpapered. It’s catchy, easy to install, and doesn’t take forever to dry.


A multifunctional island sounds like a good idea

Countertops are nice to have around the perimeter, but what’s more is having a kitchen island smack dab in the middle of the kitchen. Why? Because it gives you more space for prepping and cooking. And, it brings people together. Think about it, the last time you had people over there were definitely at least a handful of peeps talking around that thing.


We have more ideas if you’re looking at an island install. How about housing your dishwasher in the island? Or maybe it’s a good place for the sink. Some even suggest a trash pullout area. As long as you're optimizing the space, you’re good to go.

Functional mudrooms are gaining popularity

The definition of a mudroom is practically a transitional room from outdoors to indoors and vice versa. It’s where you take your rain boots off to minimize mud tracks. It’s where you gear up to shovel the snow around your car. It’s the messiest part of the house, and for good reason - if it didn’t exist, the whole house would be messy!


With your new mudroom addition, install a shoe rack and some extra storage closets. An area to wash up before entering the rest of the house would be a good idea, too.

Don’t forget about built-in storage

Storage is a necessity for any adult human being. And wherever you can fit it, you should have it. We suggest pull-out shelves, hidden cubbies, bathroom hooks, etc. Anything to keep cords and accessories out of sight. Anything to refrain from paying a storage facility every month.


If you have a large enough basement, you have ample room to optimize storage options down there. Just make sure you leave enough space for your portable power stations to exist; you don’t want to lose power for a long time and find yourself in a pickle with no backup generator!


Our suggestion? Keep the portable power stations in their own neck of the woods in the basement. All other areas and corners can easily be turned into built-in storage for you and your loved ones or roommates to store belongings


There are several things you can update when you're looking to sell a home in Marana, AZ.  We've touched on just a few of the popular items home sellers are doing prior to selling.


If you have any questions or are wondering how to sell a home in Marana, book a call with me, and I'm happy to discuss your options :)

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